The First Rain of Autumn

first rain of october

Organza jacket

Talon jewelry

Resin earrings

See through umbrella

Lime crime lipstick

Gray home decor

Everything is starting to smell like October. You know, that vinyly smokey dead leaves smell? Bright orange banners start appearing on the sides of vacant big box stores and warehouses, the seasonal scavengers inhabiting whatever worn out corpses they can find before they pack up and retreat to the storage units. Pumpkin ale, which I have never tried because beer is disgusting, is beginning to appear on the shelves. Even boxed wine has a sexy dead lady on the label.

I don’t have a car because why would I voluntarily put myself in the situation I’m in in most of my nightmares? I walk everywhere. Or take the bus, which is a nightmare of the social kind (men who enter an empty bus and immediately take the seat next to me: stop). I’ve recently been out of commission due to a STAPH-INFECTED BLISTER on my foot, but thanks to antibiotics I was ready to go out again today. So the first rain was actually yesterday, but today was the day it got INTENSE-er and I was able to walk in it. Also I just installed Swarm on my phone so I was psyched to check in everywhere.

My walk to the shopping center was filled with obstacles and oddities like in an indie platformer. There was an abandoned light-up Santa Claus on the sidewalk, and a big box of trash in the road. I kept passing the same balding dude working on his bike somehow. I got fixated on the spacial relationship of legs inside of pants and letters inside of signs for some reason (I was sober, aside from my cocktail of anti-whatevers [does that make me super sober?]). But I made it to WalMart safely, and stopped at Party City on the way.

“Scary Asylum”? Is there any other kind portrayed in the media. I’ve never seen a “Modern and Effective Asylum Prop”.

WalMart in particular has some nice Halloween jewelry and accessories this year, for a much more reasonable price than you’ll find at the Spirit Store. The offerings range from campy enamel pumpkin earrings to obviously etsy-inspired trickledown fashion. I also wandered around the pet supply aisle looking for a pumpkin beret with ear holes for my cat, but I got distracted by the bright colors.

I also fell in love with a number of bird toys and bought the cheapest, prettiest one. I don’t have a bird. What did I use it for? Wait for the end of the post! I also bought some adorable cleaver clips (see what I mean about them cribbing from etsy?), a set of three hair crayons, and some doctor-recommended facial soap (fun fact: I am pretty much new to washing my face).

Oh, and I use the bird toy as a bangle. Did you know I can almost totally fold up my hand? It’s true.


Stay spooky and/or spooked, depending on which side of the dichotomy you identify with. THE QUESTION: Do you impulse buy Halloween items when they first come in stock, or do you wait til they’re on sale? I usually can’t resist buying them in time to have for the actual holiday.


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