Celebratory Daiso Haul + Necklace Giveaway

When you get out//Of the hospital//Let me back into your life Japanese dollar store

(Jonathan Richman? Anyone? [I actually requested this song be played in the actual hospital when a really nice nurse let us play music on her iphone])

If you read my last post, you know I recently spent over a week in what amounted to a space station. I keep mentioning it to process it and also hopefully relieve some stigma. I cried a lot. I sang Heart Of Glass on American Idol Karaoke, or whatever that game is called (also Time Of The Season). I had my wrists shackled and many male patients invaded my privacy. But it’s over now, and I can talk to my loved ones again, and I feel it was an overall beneficial experience. Also, when my dad came to pick me up, he totally took me shopping.

First stop was Trader Joe’s, where I ogled many pumpkiny desserts but ultimately just used the bathroom there.


Then we went next door to a five and ten, which I didn’t even know was a thing anymore. It was kind of like a ripoff Daiso combined with an indie dollar store and a hardware store. After my time in the hospital I found it SUPER STIMULATING, like one of those huge shops you walk into in your dreams. I bought a medical playkit that you’ll see later in my room remodeling post, along with some fancy costume hairbands that were very reasonably priced and made me really happy.

We had dinner at Tomi Buffet, which used to be Sakura Buffet, which used to be some other buffet. I feel like it’s the same people and they keep changing their name every six months so they can have a grand opening. But even if that’s the case, they’ve really stepped up their game since the last time I ate there. They now have the best dessert selection I’ve ever seen at a pan-Asian buffet, along with a sushi counter that rivals Kokyo.

After eating, we visited Daiso, the mothership, the promised land. They had the Halloween stuff out and it was all super adorable! They basically have these little mix and match accessory kits that consist of a hair decoration, a tail, and a magic wand. I got a devil set and wore it on a late night trip to Oakland the following day.

Sad news: The elf ears I bought didn’t fit or stay on very well. Glad news: I turned them into a collar necklace and I’m giving it away! Enter hereIf you don’t win, don’t worry, because I have a little photo tutorial on how to make your own.


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