Shayla Fish Etsy Haul!

My super sophisticated and worldly an all around exceptional friend, A., gave me a $100 etsy gift card for my birthday. I am not worried about reciprocating this gift any time soon bc she’s twice my age and gainfully employed, which takes a lot of pressure off. Not that you have to reciprocate gifts. That’s probably gauche or something.

I’ve been really into collage lately, specifically body horror and oddities, ever since 1. my dad got a beautiful medical illustration anthology and 2. I found a ton of clipart websites. You can find my personal collages in my society6 and storenvy shops, but this isn’t about that, so I won’t link them. I’m not that greasy. Just greasy enough to mention it. Anyway, when I found this etsy shop through searching… “cordyceps”, I think? I immediately knew what I’d spend a chunk of my designated disposable income on.

With all the lovely and arcane art in their* shop, it was hard to decide what to buy. I knew I wanted the rabbit compact, but the selection of pins was TOO GREAT 4 ME. I managed to settle on a set of pins and a sticker pack as well. Fortunately, I didn’t have to miss out on their prints, because I got FREE POSTCARDS with my order!

Plus a Peter Pan sticker and an adorable Junzo Terada notecard!

The parcel came packaged with utmost care in a patterned envelope that I didn’t take a picture of because it had my address on it. Even the bubble wrap was sealed shut with gem print mini washi tape!

It’s like a natural history museum that’s been abandoned and exposed to radiation and/or black magic.

The stickers are matte and hand cut. Holding them feels like touching a homemade valentine. They are heavy with like, intent or something. Focus. The collages are so seamless I would wonder whether they were handpainted if I didn’t know otherwise.

The print on top is probably going to be framed and gifted to my icthyophilic maternal family.

I really recommend the Curiosity Cabinet of Surreal Collages for gift shopping or adding weird whimsy to your wardrobe and personal belongings.

*I couldn’t find any reference to Fish’s gender online, so I’m remaining neutral to be safe.


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