How To Dress Up Overalls and Also Have An Anxiety Attack At SFMOMA


Today I woke up at around 5 am and started getting dressed for Easter, which was officially Happening in 2 hours. I woke up my parents many times with my efforts to shove my hair into a wig cap and find the perfect outfit the didn’t touch my skin in a weird way or pull or tug or do anything uncomfortable like that. Looking back, this was probably not a good sign for the day! But I disregarded it, and put on a lovely colorblock dress that my friend A. gave me when I saw her last, and drank coffee, and took my meds. I decided to wear my ~actual~ hair.

I got so much amazing stuff for Easter, you guys, and I may post a full rundown in a separate post devoted solely to pastel bunny overspill. This post, however, is a Fashion Article (I guess) like on a Real Fashion Blog. My dad and I had decided to go to the SFMOMA today, foolishly thinking that the religious holiday and inclement weather would keep people at home. Fore! Shadowing!

I didn’t want to wear my super long dress to San Francisco, knowing it would be rainy as hell if it rained a lot in Hell. So I quickly put together a semi-formal outfit involving the least likely of culprits: overalls! Navy blue linen overalls, but still, kind of farm-y.

FullSizeRender 14.jpg

I paired them with a black cut out heart t-shirt and lace-up ankle boots. Then I dug around and found a faux pearl bracelet, a rhinestone triangle pin (I figure I’m allowed to wear it since I’ve been in my fair share of same gender relationships?), and a zipper lariat necklace.

FullSizeRender 15.jpg

Oh, and some holographic Easter grass. See that sticker? I spent maybe an hour there at most. I had not expected it to be so crowded! But I guess people in sweaters like to get out of the rain and look at Diane Arbus’ photography in a long buffet-esque line. I was interested in the photos, but I couldn’t fully study them as I had to be aware at all times of people bumping into me from behind. I had a lot more fun when I went earlier in the year, I think on a weekday.

I felt ashamed for “ruining” the outing when I got home, but my internet friend J. assured me I did the right thing by taking care of myself. I don’t think my dad is disappointed either as he was starting to have some physical health problems (he’s off picking up Chinese food from a really cool restaurant, btw!).

FullSizeRender 13.jpg

I’m experimenting with affiliate links, so here’s a collection of stuff inspired by my outfit today!


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