Hysteric Kingdom Etsy Haul

So, usually I am a horrible person who buys mass produced plastic things from factories. But! Sometimes I’m a decent person who buys handmade plastic things from independent brands. This week I did both, but let’s talk about an amazing etsy haul in this post.

I very rarely wear a full-on, accessorized pastel goth or fairy kei or whatever’s trending in the pink region of tumblr kind of outfit, and when I do it tends more towards a hazy trash/thriftcore reflection. I have always wanted to incorporate “legitimate” lolita-esque accessories into my outfits, but most of my collection is handmade-by-me FEMO and leftover Halloween jewelry and flimsy stuff ordered for 20 cents (free shipping!). But I finally took the plunge and ordered about 15~ dollars worth of jewelry and accessories from one of the most affordable and hella cute shops on Storenvy, Hysteric Kingdom.

I ordered some items that I had already envied (Storenvy’s version of liking/saving); the heart pin in black, the coffin ring in silver, two pastel death moth stickers, a sparkling jewel ring in brilliant blue, and a pastel goth lucky pack! The package arrived within a few days, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of items. It’s legit jewelry like you would get at a store, not hot glue and epoxy like I was expecting (which would have been fine)! I hope I can get across how well made this stuff is in my photos.

FullSizeRender 96
sighs wistfully as I am reminded of my childhood collection of Halloween hairbows (more on that later)
FullSizeRender 99
I wanted to get a pic of the cute packaging but I tore into it impatiently like a seagull.
FullSizeRender 94
I am a baby who doesn’t have pierced ears, and I forgot to specify that, but wouldn’t these make cute collar clips?

Even my cat was undeniably attracted to the clean, candy colored goods.

FullSizeRender 95FullSizeRender 100FullSizeRender 97

I exploited her soft fur to take a photo of my gorgeous new stickers, one of which is going to my dad and the other to my lovefriend, so DON’T TELL EITHER OF THEM.

FullSizeRender 98

In short, if you’re looking for a handmadev shop to support that has cute, versatile designs, check out Hysteric Kingdom! Look, they’re endorsed by a real witch’s cat.

FullSizeRender 93


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