Alameda County Fair 2017 Trip

Yesterday I went to the county fair in Pleasanton with my dad and some of our friends. That probably sounds weird, but I actually have very few friends around my age. This may be due to my personality being one big red flag, but let’s continue on.

I look forward to going to the fair every year. We usually only go to one, for one day, but this is ideal as I can spend money on a ride bracelet and get whatever I want to eat without worrying about having cash for the next visit. My main areas of interest are the Small Animals (including rabbits, fowl, insects, fish, and reptiles) hall, the rides, and of course the odd booth selling cute imported jewelry for a semi-reasonable price. Yes, I could order the exact same thing online for fifty cents, but that takes away the joy of picking something out and wearing it around the midway.

I downloaded the app to help me plan before I left, and it was helpful but not entirely accurate. Much to my dismay, I couldn’t find two of the funhouses listed (it’s possible they were in the kid’s park, but I didn’t notice them there). I had been particularly interested in some art-insallation-seeming attraction called the U-Toob, which claimed to combine an obstacle course with youtube videos and sound effects. Hashtag sad (45 aka Mel’s husband is a bigot and a real jerk but I admit he’s outdone Bush with catchy new phrases)! I literally say “hashtag sad” out loud, by the way. There’s the red flag thing again.

When we got to the fairgrounds, I was immediately super stoked. I was walking like a quarter mile ahead of everyone. They searched my Super Cool Leather Fanny Pack and didn’t even care about my pack of dainty Humboldt Legends prerolls. Which makes sense because they’re legal, and I’m a prescription patient anyway, but that didn’t stop a few tobacco smokers from giving my judgmental looks in the smoking section.

We had lunch at Bad Bubba’s BBQ (I am not entirely sure about the word order of this name) and I had an excellent tri tip sandwich with coleslaw and chili.

FullSizeRender 142.jpg

Then we headed to Small Animals, where we saw some SUPER SMALL ANIMALS and also some rather large small animals, like this rabbit:

FullSizeRender 134.jpg

And a chicken that thought it was a bunny:

FullSizeRender 135.jpg

They also had a sweet little cockroach enclosure. Aw.

FullSizeRender 136.jpg

Before hitting the midway, I walked through some of the shopping booths, and my dad bought me some surprise gifts! One: a frilly hair pompom that is a ponytail holder, a pin, and a clip at the same time. Two, a lovely wide-brim 360 degree straw visor to keep the sun off my head. It’s the best hat I’ve ever owned, seriously. I wore it on a moderate-speed roller coaster and it didn’t fly off.  It also provided an opening for my hairstyle, which incorporated not one, not two, but THREE hair donuts! I had tried to make a mohawk out of them but the front bun was too big. Some day.

FullSizeRender 137.jpgFullSizeRender 139.jpg

The main highlight food wise was what we got for dinner. My friend P. ordered a seafood platter for the table with massive onion rings, and we shared cajun crab fries from Southern Food Comfort Kitchen, as well as fried alligator. The alligator was surprisingly tender and delicate and lobstery.

FullSizeRender 140.jpgFullSizeRender 141.jpg

Incidentally, it is surprising how many giant licorice rope companies are able to stay afloat, because I saw booths for at least three. I got some mini donuts and a tiny slice of honeycomb to bring home to my mom, but I didn’t get pictures.

When I went home I was so tired I basically just slumped my mattress pad back onto my bed and fell asleep facedown.

What are your favorite attractions at the fair, and do you prefer state or county? Answer in the comments if you want!


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